Orc Berserker

Orc Face

Orc  Orcface

Greenwitch Time

Greenwich Greenwich2


angel_a angel_b angel_c

Baroness_a Baroness_b

bat_a bat_b bat_c bat_d bat_e Behemoth_a Behemoth_b Behemoth_c



Cyclops_a Cyclops_b Cyclops_c Cyclops_d

DarkGoddess_a DarkGoddess_b DarkGoddess_c DarkGoddess_d DarkGoddess_e


DemonKnight1_a DemonKnight1_b DemonKnight1_c DemonKnight2_a DemonKnight2_b DemonKnight2_c


D-load02_a D-load03_a


Dullahan_a Dullahan_b Dullahan_c Dullahan_d

Empress_a Empress_b Empress_c

Erementarusufia_a Erementarusufia_b

EvilGoddess_a EvilGoddess_b EvilGoddess_c EvilGoddess_d

FrameRat_a FrameRat_b

Garuda_a Garuda_b Garuda_c

G-demon01_a G-demon01_b G-demon01_c G-demon02_a G-demon02_b G-demon02_c

harpy0_a harpy1_a harpy1_b harpy1_c

HeartBreaker_a HeartBreaker_b HeartBreaker_c HeartBreaker_d HeartBreaker_e HeartBreaker_f

homet_a homet_b homet_c


Imp_a Imp_b Imp_c Imp_d Imp_e Imp_f

lilith01_a lilith01_b

Lizardman_a Lizardman_b Lizardman_c

LordDragon_a LordDragon_b LordDragon_c LordDragon_d

meatmusher_a meatmusher_b meatmusher_c meatmusher_d meatmusher_e

medousa_a medousa_b medousa_c medousa_d

Messenger_a Messenger_b Messenger_c Messenger_d Messenger_e Messenger_f

MetalGolem_a MetalGolem_b MetalGolem_c MetalGuardian_a MetalGuardian_b MetalGuardian_c

minotaur_a minotaur_b minotaur_c

monstervine_a monstervine_b monstervine_c monstervine_d

Nosferatu_a Nosferatu_b Nosferatu_c Nosferatu_d

ogre01_a ogre02_a

OrcAssassin_a OrcShaman1_a OrcShaman1_b OrcShaman1_c OrcShaman2_a OrcShaman2_b OrcShaman2_c OrcSoldier_a


puppet_a puppet_b puppet_c

Rat_a Rat_b Rat_c Rat_d

Scorpion_a Scorpion_b Scorpion_c Scorpion_d

seiren_a seiren_b seiren_c

slimeking_a slimeking_b slimeking_c slimeking_d slimeking_e slimeking_f

snake_a snake_b snake_c snake_d snake_e

spider_a spider_b spider_c

succubus_a succubus_b succubus_c


vampire_a vampire_b vampire_c vampire_d

zombie_a zombie_b zombie_c

Icons Galore

icon_accessories icon_armor icon_aube icon_ax icon_book icon_boots icon_bow icon_brooch icon_cape icon_card icon_clothes icon_collection icon_crystal icon_dagger icon_dress icon_earrings icon_food icon_goods icon_grail icon_gun icon_hat icon_ingot icon_jewel icon_key icon_knuckle icon_lingerie icon_medicine icon_moe icon_nuigurumi icon_protector icon_robe icon_rtp-nuigurumi icon_rtp-protector icon_school-uniform icon_sensu icon_service-uniform icon_shield icon_sickle icon_spear icon_st-flame icon_stick icon_st-yajirusi icon_sword icon_symbol icon_throw icon_uniform icon_whip icon_wing

Clerks (Sprites)

Clerk Clerk2

Some Music!

Check it out

Way Too Many Sprites – Leftovers


toravx-x13 toravx-x29

toravx-x16 toravx-x31

toravx-x17 toravx-x32

toravx-18 toravx-20 toravx-19

toravx-x25 toravx-x26 toravx-x27 toravx-x28

Credit: Toraneko

Way Too Many Sprites

toravx-1 toravx-2 toravx-3 toravx-4 toravx-5 toravx-6 toravx-7 toravx-8 toravx-9 toravx-10 toravx-11 toravx-12 toravx-13 toravx-14 toravx-15 toravx-16 toravx-17 toravx-21 toravx-22 toravx-23 toravx-24 toravx-25 toravx-26 toravx-27 toravx-28 toravx-29 toravx-30 toravx-32 toravx-33 toravx-34 toravx-35 toravx-36 toravx-37 toravx-38 toravx-39 toravx-40 toravx-41 toravx-42 toravx-43 toravx-44 toravx-45 toravx-46 toravx-47 toravx-48 toravx-49 toravx-50 toravx-52 toravx-53 toravx-54 toravx-55 toravx-56 toravx-57 toravx-58 toravx-61 toravx-62 toravx-63 toravx-64 toravx-65 toravx-66 toravx-67 toravx-68 toravx-69 toravx-70 toravx-71 toravx-72 toravx-73 toravx-74 toravx-x1 toravx-x2 toravx-x3 toravx-x4 toravx-x5 toravx-x6 toravx-x7 toravx-x8 toravx-x9 toravx-x10 toravx-x11 toravx-x14 toravx-x15 toravx-x18 toravx-x19 toravx-x20 toravx-x21 toravx-x22 toravx-x23 toravx-x24 toravx-x30

Woah, enjoy!

Credit: Toraneko

Asteroid Crater & Sunken Ship Wreckage

Crater Sunken Ship
Credit: Ezra

Some Sprites













Credit: Ezra

VX Sprites: Misty

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VX Sprites: Translucent

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RM2000, RM2003, RMXP Conversions (Reuploaded)

vx-2000-rtp-01a vx-2000-rtp-01b vx-2000-rtp-02a vx-2000-rtp-02b vx-2000-rtp-03a vx-2000-rtp-03b vx-2000-rtp-04a vx-2000-rtp-04b vx-2000-rtp-05a vx-2000-rtp-05b vx-2000-rtp-C-01a vx-2000-rtp-C-01b vx-2000-rtp-C-02a vx-2000-rtp-C-02b vx-2000-rtp-C-03a vx-2000-rtp-C-03b vx-2000-rtp-C-04a vx-2000-rtp-C-05a vx-2000-rtp-C-05b vx-2000-rtp-C-06a vx-2000-rtp-C-07a vx-2000-rtp-C-09a vx-2000-rtp-C-09b vx-c01a vx-c01b vx-c02a vx-c02b vx-c03 vx-c-ex01 vx-c-rtp01 vx-forest-01 vx-forest-02 vx-xp-rtp01a vx-xp-rtp01b vx-xp-rtp02a vx-xp-rtp02b vx-xp-rtp03a vx-xp-rtp03b vx-xp-rtp04a vx-xp-rtp04b vx-xp-rtp05a vx-xp-rtp05b vx-xp-rtp-C-01a vx-xp-rtp-C-01b vx-xp-rtp-C-02a vx-xp-rtp-C-02b vx-xp-rtp-C-03a vx-xp-rtp-C-03b vx-xp-rtp-C-04

Credit: DM Dotto

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My Creations & Edits

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Me1 Me2 Me5 Me6

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VX Templates – Sprites

Template MTemplate Fcatwoman catman bunnywoman bunnyman

Credit: Panda Maru

VX Templates

Photoshop templates for developers

Template_Faceset Template_Spritesheet Template_TileA1 Template_Tileset

Material Transfer

Basically, just a directory of some of the material featured here

Schoolgirl NYX1 NYX2 NYX3Tpasmall1Tpasmall2



Winged DeathBonechild

wolfman wtfElemental Noble25yyetk J_Monster-cat

Credit: Painhurt, Tpasmall, NYX, Konoe, Insomnia, Bizzare Monkey, Kazzador, Sorejanai, Linhtendo

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